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‘Back Then’ is a short atmospheric first-person adventure game, with elements of detective exploration, mystery, and themes of self-discovery.

The game takes place in a retirement home, where the players control Thomas, an aged man in his 80’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. He moves around in his wheelchair, and rarely receives visits from his family. Seeing himself alone and with no one to talk to, he starts to try remembering his past through the various important objects in his life - such as a wedding photo, his father’s dog tag from WWII, his guitar, his wedding ring, among various others.

Back Then is currently in development by Outriders and RP Studios in a joint effort to create a truly memorable experience.

Key Features:

- In-depth narrative and storytelling experience;

- Innovative mechanics of movement, where the players control an elderly man in a wheelchair;

- Creative gameplay mechanics related to Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness, where the character starts to remember (and forget) his past and present;

- Inspired by real events and stories of people with Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases, told by family members, loved ones, and by the victims of the diseases;

- A well-blended mixture of mystery and detective exploration;

- Playable with VR;

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Playable with VR.

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